Plenary Meeting Speakers

Plenary Meeting Speakers

Plenary meeting speakers: 


Ph. D. Sergul Duygulu (Turkey)

The Role of Nurse Leaders in preventing Missed Care

  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Hacettepe University

MD,PhD,FESC  Vilnis Dzerve (Latvia)

Hypertension as a problem of Public Health in Latvia

  • Chief, Scientific Board Research Institute of Cardiology and Regenerative Medicine, University of Latvia
  • State Emeritus Scientist, Member, Board of Latvian Physician’s Society

Dr. med. Simone Halve (Germany)

Ethic commission and ethic case conferences in a German hospital

  • Assistent medical director, department of Neurology , Evangelisches Krankenhaus in Unna, Germany

Ph. D. Gabriella Mincione (Italy)

Precision Medicine as a Treatment Approach

  • School of Medicine and Life Sciences
  • University G. d’Annunzio Chieti – Pesacara

Ph. D. Profesor Erik Peper (USA)

How Breathing and Posture affects Health

  • Institute for Holistic Health Studies
  • San Francisco State University

Dr. Pēteris Apinis (Latvia)

Physician in 30 years from Now – will Technology Change Physician – Patient Relationship of change Doctors Place in Society and Medicine?

  • Chairman of the Ethics Commission of the Latvian Medical Association

  • Member of the Board of Latvian Medical Association