Erasmus Mobility

About Erasmus+


Riga Medical College takes a part in Erasmus Charter for Higher Education since 2005; our collaboration partners are institutions in Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, Norway, Belgium, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Portugal, etc. (49 cooperation institutions from 20 countries). Our activities are aimed at building awareness of different health care systems and providing students and teachers with the skills that are necessary to meet all the future challenges of ensuring quality health care in a cross-cultural society. Our programs are also aimed at building up motivation for lifelong learning. Our participation in Erasmus we would like to expand and apply for Extended Erasmus University (Standart Charter and student placements) as we approved our capacity and professionalism in Erasmus mobility programm since 2005, every year increasing the amount of the agreements and outcoming, incoming students, teaching staff.

Our institution offers three traineeships fields

  1. Physician Assistant ( pre-hospital emergency care)
  2. Massage and Hydrotherapy
  3. The University College has licensed a brand new study programme Dispensing Optician, where international relations are under active development.

Human appreciation, equality, human rights-carried out- tolerance, justice and solidarity is considered. Arrangements to provide gender equality children room available. To provide integration, the accessibility of ambience arranged: support with tools complying for needs of disabled persons – construction of ramps; elevator; expanding, renovating sanitary hygienic premises, furniture comply ergonomic principles, visual signs. Financial support (scholarship) provided for poor students.

The main aspect of the quality of the mobility is language knowledge, mostly English and Russian, also environment and facilities in College, in clinics and health care institutions, students` dormitory. Due to ensure highest quality of the mobility, college administrative and teaching staff has obligatory English language courses.

During 2011/2012 reconstruction works the college became more available for persons with visual and physical disabilities, the equipment for practical studies laboratories (manipulation, physiological, psychological tests), is purchased. The web page is renewed and its English version allows filling the necessary application forms.

The incoming students have all necessary facilities – Internet connection, TV, working room with IT, kitchen, and laundry. College has increased the amount of the signed agreements for placements, in order for students to comprehend the differences. For qualitative praxis procedure of the activities, the college provides evaluation mechanism between praxis supervisors, study department (Erasmus coordinator). All outcoming and incoming students have the questionnaire, which allows avoiding the failures, both has possibility to learn English, Latvian languages. The analysis of the questionnaire is the basement to change supervisors, practical training and placements institutions. College Student administration is involved in the incoming student integration process which allow to communicate with the same age medical students. All College classrooms are equipped with the IT, multimedia, interactive blackboards which allow mobility teaching staff made their lectures more creative, have possibility at the same time to connect with Internet, show practical films.

Placement will be provided in different health care institutions (based on agreements, according curricula), in order for students to comprehend the differences, to acquire different abilities and professional skills, which are necessary for further profession in the multicultural society. The aim of the praxis is to ensure the growth of the professional competency for the students, and competitiveness, basing on the knowledge acquired in the theoretical studies. The person in charge and the students together coordinate individual purposes with the real possibilities.

The students also cooperate with hospital staff as an active member of the hospital team, gain knowledge, develop skills and attitude, promotes critical thinking and develops problem-solving skills. The college provides three-sided agreement conclusion. For qualitative praxis procedure of the activities, the college provides: Supervisor in health care institution, in which it is possible to realize assignments of placement, in order to reach the result. Supervisor of praxis has university degree in the corresponding profession and pedagogy. Supervisor has experience and professional competency, with good command of language. The praxis schedule and practicable program of the student, basing on the set targets and praxis assignments, is approved by the executives of the college and health care institution (head nurse, nurse of education, representative of the college). Regular workshops on the organization of praxis, evaluation, documentation.

The success of the students is evaluated by the criteria, which collectively are defined by the third praxis supervisor and the student, basing on the reached results. At the end of the praxis the student carries out self-appraisal, during all praxis period, records all results, writes a journal. The placement institution is mentioned in diploma supplement and as well as the grade.



How to apply


Contact the International Relations Office at your university and find out whether your university has an Erasmus+ exchange agreement with Riga Medical college of the University of Latvia in your field of study. Afterwards, they should send us filled Nomination letter which indicates that you have been nominated from your institution to participate in Erasmus+ program.

Nomination Letter

Please note that your language proficiency in English should be at least on the level B2 in order to study or have a practical training at the Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia.


Application process

Please fill in and send us the required documents:

Once the application procedure is successfully completed, the student will receive an Acceptance Letter.


Contact our Erasmus+ project coordinator Sanita Puncule in case you have any questions