Nordplus Higher Education program


We gladly announce that Nodrplus NordPCC Project has been approved and will be coordinated by Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia. Within the course of the project students will have an opportunity to complete mobilities in time period of 1-5 days as well as an international week will be organized in April, 2020, in order to accommodate student and staff academic and practical competences.

The network NordPCC was established in Riga on 2018 based on the effective collaboration between partners trough previous Nordplus projects and health care professional visits during last years. The partnership will promote regional between six partner institutions in Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia and Iceland. The countries participating in the network have different experiences, guidelines and cultural conceptions when training health care specialists. The common goal of the network is to prepare professionals to retain an equal and ethical capability within the health-care systems including PCC in education highlight trends worldwide – according to which, the experiences of the patients have become central components in the discourse of the healthcare system. Thus, the patient in the center has become the mainstay as a result of social changes in the care and therapeutic relationship, on the one hand, and public awareness to patient rights, on the other, with emphases on transparency and cooperation regarding a diversity of cultures, patient safety and accessibility. That requires the training of students and health care providers in educational programs that support cultural competence and creating policies that accommodate cultural diversity to achieve positive health outcomes. Organizing academic and student mobility, intensive curse is a necessary means to share ideas, experiences and expert knowledge as well as to develop relationships and common understanding between Nordic and Baltic countries.


Coordinating institution

  1. Latvia – Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia (LV)

Partner intitutions

  1. Lithuania – Kauno kolegija / Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (LT-KK)
  2. Denmark – Metropolitan University College (DK)
  3. Estonia – University of Tartu (EE)
  4. Finland – Novia University of Applied Sciences (FI)
  5. Iceland – University of Iceland (IS)