15. Apr 2024

ERASMUS+ Blended Intensive Program “Introduction to Military Medicine”

Military medicine in Latvia will have to be studied in all medical educational institutions where medicine is studied. A military medical training center has been established and accredited at the Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia, which is internationally registered in accordance with the requirements of NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians). In order to create an opportunity to get acquainted with the elements of the military medical study course also for the students of the short cycle study program of other countries, this week from 8.-12. ERASMUS+ BIP organized by Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia will take place in April. The theoretical part was developed together with the Department of Emergency Medicine of Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine, so Ukraine will also provide its experience. Lectures and master classes are organized in the premises of Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia, but one day the participants of the program will also go to the Ādaži military base, where they will be able to apply theoretical knowledge in real and practical situations. Classes are conducted by a professional team of instructors.

18 students from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic participate in the program.