13. Jun 2017

Erasmus Mundus MEDEA final partner meeting

 In June 7-8 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece held the final partner meeting of Erasmus Mundus MEDEA Consortium. The final meeting was attended by university representatives from EU partner countries – France, United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal and Latvia, and ENPI were represented by partner universities from Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and Belorussia.
During the meeting coordinating institution University of Paul Sabatier, France, introduced partners with an overview of total project mobility scheme, financial distribution, management evaluation and content evaluation. In order to evaluate the project outcomes, a comprehensive participant and partner survey was conducted. The survey results confirmed the success of MEDEA Consortium. The Consortium managed nearly 200 mobilities in total, which is one of the most extensive mobility schemes for all partner institutions. Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia has successfully implemented 5 student mobilities, hosting undergraduate Medical students for 6 months mobilities. In regards to staff mobility scheme, the university college had fruitful 8 academic and administrative mobilities (4 incoming and 4 outgoing staff members), each 1 month long.
Due to the project reporting in November 2017, partners agreed upon necessary paperwork, statistical and analytical data collection of project activities. Partners discussed the sustainability issues, related to possibilities of continuation of the successful collaboration. In the meeting closure all partners shared their experience in project management and view for further cooperation.