26. Sep 2018

HealthPRO intensive courses


From November 27, to December 1, 2017, the intensive courses of the Nordplus project HealthPRO university network for the care of surgical patients took place at the Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia. Within the framework of intensive courses, students from Lithuania and Latvia presented information on the latest innovations and discoveries in surgery in their countries, as well as represented their national culture at the “Cultural and Traditional Evening” gathering. During the week, according to the planned theme of the day, the participants had the opportunity to participate in practical classes and to listen to lecturers from Finland, Lithuania and Latvia. Within the framework of the week, the lecture “Basic Life Support” from the Latvian guest lecturer, emergency doctor and surgeon Dmitry Sergejevs was also available.

The participants of the intensive courses also visited Riga East University Hospital (in cooperation with the hospital’s head nurse Kristīne Bondareva and colleagues), Oncology Center of Latvia (thanks to the chief nurse Inta Laže and colleagues) and Children’s Hospital (in cooperation with chief nurse Bernadete Legzdiņa and colleagues), where participants learned about the structure and organization of hospitals, discussing and comparing health care models among countries. The intensive course participants also went to the SIA Aprūpes biroju, where, thanks to the responsiveness of Santa Brēdiķe, became acquainted with a company that provides patients with professional health care services in their habitual environment – at home. To continue the project, future plans were discussed within the framework of HealthPRO’s approach.

The study and also leisure visit took place at the Pauls Stradins Museum for History of Medicine, where the participants got acquainted with the course of medical development, as well as learned about the medical achievements of Latvia.

We thank the participants for their participation in the project and the unforgettable time of their stay and adventures during all this week.

December 11, 2017