03. Mar 2021

Intensive courses program “Mental Health Of Young Labor Immigrants”.

This week students from Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia are taking participation in the Intensive courses program under the Nordplus Norlys project with the title “Mental Health Of Young Labor Immigrants”. The Norlys is a monoprofessional network in nursing sciences. It has existed since the 1990ies and expanded with Baltic institutions, comprising 11 partner universities.

The main aim of the course is to enhance nursing students’ knowledge and understanding of mental health challenges among young labour immigrants in the Nordic and the Baltic countries.

The students have prepared a pre-task for the intensive course and a presentation is being held by the group from each institution. During the course, the teachers from the participant institutions also are holding lectures and workshops. At the end of the week, the students will prepare poster presentations about their learning outcomes related to different scenarios.

Even though the participants were not able to visit the organizing country due to the ongoing pandemics caused by covid-19, the students and the teachers are having a very productive quality-learning time in online format, where they are able to participate and achieve the expected results fully.