26. Sep 2018

Meeting of Nordsam project participants concluded


From November 8 to 10, Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia gathered lecturers and coordinators of Nordplus Higher Education project Nordsam university network to jointly decide on the future priorities of the partner universities. The college was attended by representatives from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Lithuania.

During the meeting participants productively exchanged with information and suggested miscellaneous ideas and proposals, as a result of which new intensive courses with a topic “Adolescent migrants in healthy communities” were planned and discussed on their contents and budget required for the implementation of these courses. The due date for the intensive course themes and plan application forms is February 1, 2018. The courses will be held for both teachers and students and will last 6 days.

The partner universities discussed as well the opportunities for mobility between students and teaching staff, updating the availability of clinical practice in cooperative universities in academic year 2017/2018.

After intensive discussions and college room and auditorium visit, representatives of partner universities went on a visit to Riga East University Hospital. In collaboration with the hospital’s chief nurse Kristīne Bondareva, heart and  cardiovascular diseases clinic’s head nurse Sandra Liepiņa and toxicology and sepsis clinic’s head nurse Doctor Lidija Ozoliņa, the participants of the project got acquainted with the structure and organization of the hospital, developing discussions and comparing health care models among countries.


November 13, 2017