09. Feb 2017

Strategic Partnership planning meeting

Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia had the pleasure to receive a guest from a long-term partner organization Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Germany. The Dean of Department of Health Sciences prof.Dr.Marcus Hoffmann visited Riga with a future cooperation purpose – to discuss a join application for Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership.

The representatives of both higher education institutions discussed the general issues of study programme development, for example the Physician Assistant curricula, as well as the possible mutual student exchange opportunities in Erasmus+ Programme.

Mutual Startegic Partnership idea aims at developing and implementing an inter-professional curriculum for higher education in health professions, including medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy as well as other health professions in Europe. Use of digital media including virtual and augmented reality applications will be a constituent part of this curriculum. The curriculum if foreseen to comprise content such as anatomy and physiology, which is essential for all health care professionals, as well as practical training phases in hospital environment.

The general Erasmus + Strategic Partnership aim is to support the development of innovative practices, transfer and implementation of joint initiatives to support cooperation, peer learning and the exchange of experience at European level. Joint project idea would combine a network of German, Latvian, Finnish and Spanish colleagues with a view to develop joint inter-professional digital training modules and training tools, thereby moving towards educational programme and occupational harmonization in Europe.