09. Feb 2024

Students of the “Massage and Hydrotherapy” programme at the “Eglė Sanatorium”

Artūrs Arājs, Diāna Zaula and Māris Ozoliņš, 2nd year students of our study programme “Massage and Hydrotherapy”, are currently on Erasmus+ mobility. They are doing an internship in massage techniques and hydrotherapy in Eglė Sanatorium, Druskininkai, Lithuania. The duration of the internship is 2 months.

The University of Latvia Riga Medical College has a long-standing cooperation with Eglė Sanatorium and it is currently one of the most popular internship destinations for our students. This is because internships at Eglė Sanatorium are very fulfilling. The students are treated very seriously and responsibly. As the students themselves say, Lithuanians are strict and responsible about health and care. The internship programme is rich, as people of different ages, from children to seniors, stay in the sanatorium. Our students have the opportunity to learn additional practical skills, such as the charcot shower.

About Ėgle Sanatorium
The Eglė Sanatorium medical spa in Druskininkai is a separate spa complex (located near the town centre) that has been serving visitors for more than 49 years since its opening in 1972. The Eglė Sanatorium Medical Spa has a long tradition of healing and offers its guests a wide range of therapeutic and health-improving treatments, from traditional mud and mineral water baths to innovative physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy treatments and various workouts. The Eglė Sanatorium Medical Spa in Druskininkai can accommodate up to 1300 people at a time. It is currently the largest medical spa in Lithuania and Northern Europe.
We wish our students (Artūrs Arājs, Diāna Zaula, Māris Ozoliņš) to gain a lot of valuable experience during their internship!