29. Nov 2018

Successful cooperation activities in Germany

Director of the Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia, Astra Bukulite and Deputy Director of Science, Daina Voita met with a professor of the University of Essen and the president of the European Headache Federation Zaza Katarsav. The directions of cooperation in the scientific and research field were collectively discussed during the meeting. The main opportunities for cooperation include joint research, where the end result would be joint scientific publications, participation in conferences and exchange of scientific information. During the meeting colleagues were introduced to the strategic research areas of the college, one of which is pain, with its modification through non-dental therapies. The professor was interested in college-initiated studies on the Biological Feedback method, welcoming its use towards patients with headache. Z. Katarsav accepted the invitation to participate in the Scientific Committee of the 6th International Conference of the RMK UL, proposing a special section devoted to current ethical issues in medicine, which will be one of the main issues raised at the conference. It is planned to devote a plenary session’s report on the work and requirements of the Ethics Committees in Germany. An excursion through the hospital was organized in Unna Evangelic Hospital, participants were introduced to the structure of the hospital – departments, equipment, research directions in nursing. The clinical practice options for college students were discussed. MD Dietmer Herbehrhold and Chief Nurse Anja Wordel agreed to participate in the conference with research papers. The main aspects of the cooperation agreement were discussed.