11. Oct 2023

The Nordplus ICE cooperation network is planning new activities

From October 9 to 12, a meeting of Nordplus ICE university network project coordinators and lecturers was held at the University of Reykjavík, during which they discussed the 2024 Nordplus program project application: the topic and content of intensive courses.

The Nordplus ICE higher education network unites universities, colleges and scientific institutes in the field of health care, rehabilitation, sports science from Latvia, Finland, Lithuania and Iceland. The partners recognized the need to expand the number of network partners and decided to attract at least 2 partners from Norway and Sweden. When planning the new sufficiency, the partners had a lot of discussions about choosing a new topic that would focus more on sustainability.

As part of the meeting, the project partners not only planned the 2024 application, but also met with several researchers to get to know Iceland’s experience and statics in the trends, challenges, health and long-term effects of physical education of children and youth.