19. Oct 2021

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care training course with the participation of the Riga Medical College – University of Latvia has concluded.

The Ministry of Defense of Latvia funded online magazine ‘sargs.lv’ has published an article on the first in its kind tactical combat casualty care trainings that took place in Latvia this October with the 20 students from the University of Latvia Riga Medical College among those participating the special training course.

Up to know the tactical first-aid training was provided in accordance with the training programs developed locally. However, NATO armies employ an international standard of the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) training.

It was for the first time this October that the instructors’ course for the Tactical Combat Casualty Care training has begun in Latvia. The online magazine “sargs.lv” informs its readers that 20 of the Riga Medical College students participated. These students are to be physician’s assistants – a crucial specialist in the field of accident and emergency medicine in Latvia. Most of the students of this specialization are the first to arrive and provide an emergency care to the patients around the country, including after human and nature disasters.

The skills learned are helpful not only in case of casualties of a military conflict; there is a valuable lesson for ‘regular’ emergencies and in case of human or natural disasters, – tells Ms. Laura Einika, student of the Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia.

Ms Laura Einika participat of the TCCC course

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense expressed their appreciation of the willingness of both the University of Latvia and the University of Latvia Riga Medical College to commit to diversifying the curriculum with the tactical combat casualty care.

University of Latvia Riga Medical College expresses thanks to the University College Cork – National University of Ireland for the academic cooperation that made our participation in the delivery of the Combat Medical Simulation & TCCC instructor course possible.

The article in Latvian here.