04. Oct 2021

World Teachers’ Day message from Mr. Roshofs, director of the Riga Medical College

Dear Colleagues,

We have had an ‘interesting’ year behind our backs. And this is the case when by saying ‘interesting’ we imply that simply saying ‘very good’ or ‘very bad’ fails to address the reality.

Contrary to what we hoped for, the disease COVID-19 caused by the SARS CoV2 virus has not disappeared. Instead it was a serious impediment in the studying process last year. The sheer fact, however, that we can come together today (albeit with certain precautions being observed), because we are vaccinated, is a new breakthrough of the medicine and science in general.

There are many who would want to question the breakthrough, by pointing out that their lives have not returned fully back to normal as it used to be before the pandemic. In fact, we do not know if and how the comeback to ‘as usual’ will take place. We do know, however, that the science is the solution and our mission –saving the lives of people, protecting public health and providing patient care – asks no further comments anymore.

I thank all the teachers of the college with whom we have successfully begun the new year. All the possible ways were explored in the course of the pandemics to ensure the work of the college continues and in the best manner possible, keeping in mind the needs of our students – the tomorrow’s professionals in the health care.

The majority of our teachers find themselves in a unique position, for we are readying our future colleagues here. The relationships that are cemented during college years will continue in the hospital patient care, doctors’ practices, in the accident and emergency medicine; also, in optometry and rehabilitation care. In other words, everywhere where there is a demand for our students. And, as we know, the demand is high and more and more professionals are being required.

I would like to conclude by a quote the exact author of which remains obscure: “When going gets tough, the tough get going” Let us be tough and endure!


Dr. Aksels Roshofs

director, University of Latvia Riga Medical College