Scientific research

Scientific Research Topics


Scientific Research Topics

Anna Stafecka The application of the Latin language in Latvia: modern and historical trends
Inga Buceniece

People in social context:

– socialization, 

– psychosocial needs,

– social values,

– attitudes, communication (interrelation) relationships,

– human resources potential in organizations

Daina Voita

– Non-pharmacological treatment methods

– Autonomic nervous system dysfunction or dysautonomia and possible ways of correcting it

– The problem of headache in Latvia and its socio-psycho- physiological aspects

– Alternative non-pharmacological correction methods

Olga Ņikitina

– Hand hygiene habits among the Medical College students

– Application of antibacterial therapy in oncology

– The historical aspects of the development of microbiology in Latvia

Gaļina Biksone

– Nursing peculiarities of pain patients and the most common problems of pharmacological nursing

– Quality of pain management and its relation to the administration patterns of pain relieving drugs

– Efficiency of treatment of bronchial asthma and its relation to the quality of patient education

– Appropriate administration of anti-asthma medication

Maruta Šiliņa

1. Patient nursing in different age and gender groups

2. Security issues in patient nursing:

  – safe health care environment in and nursing

  – patient safety

  – safety of nursing staff (cases of violence in the practice of nurses and doctor assistants)

3. Observation of ethical principles in nursing

Linda Alondere

– Young people on their way of life, their self-assessment of life quality and the affecting factors

– Micro and macro environment, health condition of students, its dynamics and effect on the study outcomes

– Youth motivation in acquiring a profession

– Research into study organization and documentation

Rūta Bogdanova

– Factors affecting health and life quality of women

– Latest research in the field of prevention, treatment and nursing of gynaecological diseases; knowledge and role of nurse and doctor assistant in solving a health problem

– Kinds of physiological deliveries nowadays

Dita Raiska

Nursing peculiarities in paediatrics:

  – routine activities in the process of nursing

  – indirect care in the process of nursing

  – pain assessment in paediatrics

Astra Bukulīte Principles of quality assurance in education of nurses and doctor assistants
Karīna Kurtiša

– Nursing peculiarities of patients after a percutaneous radial intervention in ambulatory care practice

– Comparative characteristics of percutaneous radial and femoral interventions
– Participation of cardiac patients in the process of nursing

Baiba Druvmale- Druvleja

– Latest research, problems and solutions in nursing practice

– Journal of nursing practice and education: latest research

Aija Lazdāne

– Causes of parent dissatisfaction in children hospital

– Child injuries and their prevention

– Food allergies among children and their nursing peculiarities

– Factors contributing to anorexia among teenagers

– Nursing peculiarities of children with bronchial asthma

– Hyperactive children and their nursing peculiarities

– Needs and resources for children with chronic diseases (celiakia, phenylketonyria etc.) and their families in the conditions of crisi

Irēna Tarelkina

– Dynamics of mortality rates among patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

– Most common causes of patient mortality with Acute Coronary Syndrome during its acute stage

– Risk factors contributing to the development of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Ilze Kļava

– Access and availability of ambulatory care services

– Communication in a nursing team

Lilija Antonēviča

– Dynamics of bite wounds in microsurgery
– Causes of hospitalization among children and teenagers in the field of microsurgery
– Limb injuries in reference to the consumption of alcohol at work