27. Aug 2021

Nordplus Norlys network meeting 24.-25.08.2021

Between 24.08.2021 and 25.08.2021 Ms Sandra Seimane, head of Massage and Hydrotherapy department at Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia, and Ms Estere Brūniņa, an Erasmus coordinator, attended the Nordplus NORLYS project meeting which happened online in Zoom platform. Nordplus NORLYS network is an academic alliance of 11 Scandinavian and Baltic universities, dating back to 1993.  

During the meeting the coordinators and teachers worked together and separately to discuss and prepare a program for the upcoming intensive week “Immigrant Women’s Mental Health Problems” (3 ECTS), which will take place 20.-22.09.2021. Due to the current situation influenced by the pandemics, it was decided that online mode would be the most appropriate for the intensive week, taking into consideration the restrictions in partner countries.

Students are welcome to participate from each partner institution and to sing up for the course, which will give them an opportunity to broaden their perspective and knowledge on immigrant women’s mental health, improve their intercultural communication skills and meet new people from different countries.